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Examples of different types of my pressed flower designs are shown on the Gallery pages. Similar works are available for purchase.
For commissioned items the cost will depend on the complexity of the work.

To place an order, discuss a commission or to receive further information on prices, please contact me by email at

Some of my work is available at Fulbeck Craft Centre, Lincoln Rd, Fulbeck, Lincs, NG32 3JN and at The Sir Joseph Banks Centre, 7-12 Bridge Street, Horncastle, LN9 5HZ.

Flower press

To maintain the colour of your plant material it has to be dried quickly. The air dry flower press works by evaporation of moisture in the plant material when it is placed in a warm/hot environmnent, with free air flow around.
The plant material is placed between layers of cotton fabric, separated by open mesh foam. The layers are held between grids held together with elastic bands. All parts of the press are re-useable and hand washable.

Large press (9" x 9" / 23cms x 23cms) holds 3 layers of flowers,
surface area for pressing 243 sq.inches or 1587 sq.cms.
Cost £30 + p&p.

Midi press (9" x 6" / 23cms x 15cms) holds 3 layers of flowers,
surface area for pressing 162 sq.inches or 1035 sq.cms.
Cost £22 + p&p.

Mini press (6" x 3" / 15cms x 8cms) holds 2 layers of flowers,
surface area for pressing 36 sq.inches or 240 sq.cms.
Cost £16 + p&p.
Flower press
Flower press
Flower press

Starter Kit

Get started creating before you've even pressed a flower.
The kit contains all you will need to make 2 beautiful greeting cards :
2 blank cards & envelopes
Heat seal film and instructions to seal flowers to reduce deterioration.
Pack of pressed flowers & foliage - sufficient for the 2 cards included
The Pressed Flower Guild notes on "Tips for picking, pressing, storing and using pressed plant material."
Cost £7 + p&p

Special offer

Starter kit bought with a large Air Dry Press, total cost is £35 + p&p
Starter kit bought with a midi Air Dry Press, total cost is £28 + p&p.
Starter kit bought with a mini Air Dry Press, total cost is £22 + p&p.

Packs of pressed flowers

Packs of pressed flowers, carefully packed in cello bags.
Approx. 30 flowers in each pack, depending on size and rarity.
Packs may be one variety or mixed and with or without foliage.
4 examples of packs are shown below.
Please state your preference.
Cost from £4 per pack + p&p
Buttercups Forget-me-nots Mixed pack Verbena mixed colours
Some of the flowers available are:
Alchemilla alpina, Alchemilla mollis, Alkanet, Ammi, Astrantia, Bidens, Buttercups, Coreopsis, Daisy, Davallia, Elderflowers, Forget-me-not, Geraniums, Hydrangeas, Ivy leaves, Passion flower tendrils, Potentilla-yellow, Primroses, Verbena, Violas.
If you know of anything else you would like, please contact me at

Artshield Heat Seal Laminate

Ideal for sealing pressed flower art on to greetings cards or board.
It does not seal until heated so flowers can be moved until perfectly positioned.
Available in gloss or satin matt, 65cms wide.
Cost per metre £6 + p&p.

Cards & Pictures

The cards & pictures shown on the Gallery pages are examples of those you may order.

Original cards

Original cards are designed with real pressed flowers or plant material. Prices start at £5, depending on the complexity of the design.
All cards are sealed with a film with a UV filter, which protects the plant material used, and come complete with envelopes.

Printed cards

Many of the designs in the Card Gallerys are available as printed cards. Cards come complete with envelopes, price from £1.80.

Note cards

Pack of 8 cards with envelopes, approx. 15x10cms. One designed with name & spelling of your choice, the other 7 printed from that original. Price £10, includes UK p&p.

Note - Debi Note - Margaret


All pictures using pressed plant material are framed to The Pressed Flower Guild standard, which ensures minimal contact with air and therefore minimal discolouration.
As every piece of plant material is unique, your card or picture will not be exactly the same as the one shown.
I like to make my work especially for you, so please contact me with your specific requirements and I will do my best to produce what you would like.
Framed prints are available in various sizes.

Wedding, funeral & special occasion flowers:

Why not have your special memories preserved? A photograph, order of service, invitation or other memorabilia may be included with your flowers. The flowers need to be pressed as soon after the occasion as possible, in order to preserve their colour. Please keep them cool and dry. They should not be sprayed or frozen or kept in the fridge.
Different flowers keep their colour in different ways when pressed and may darken 0r lighten, depending on the flower or plant material.
I can use similar flowers, if yours are not still available.
For examples of wedding items, please click here.
I do not usually artificially colour my flowers, as I believe that pressed plant material should be allowed to age naturally. The modern methods of pressing which I use allow maximum colour retention.

Other pressed flower work:

Cards for special occasions with numbers or initials
Key rings
Trinket boxes


You may pay by cheque, by direct bank transfer or by Paypal, postage & packing will be added.